Untethered, at last

Today I took another step away from cancer and towards being myself again. The hickman catheter, which has been the link between my body and my treatments for the past 5 months, was removed. All that remains is a small hole that will soon heal, leaving all but a small scar (one of the few that have been left in various parts of my body).

We’ve been anticipating this moment for awhile—it being the signal that no more treatments are anticipated. Granted, I’ll still have weekly labs for awhile, but there’s a huge difference between “monitoring” and “treating.” I think making this transition from “treated” to “monitored” requires much celebration (which we’ve been doing), and it also requires another photo of some flowers to show how happy I am.


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  1. Good news Dan!!

  2. YAY! That’s fabulous news!

  3. This is the first time I’ve read your blog. I had a major health event, a heart attack, earlier this spring, and I know how good it feels to get the all clear message after treatment. Wishing you a wonderful fall of rebuilding your strength and enjoying every little thing. And hoping there’s big stuff too to enjoy.

  4. That’s terrific news, Dan. I’m a regular reader and you and Virginia have been in my thoughts often while you’ve been in treatment. So glad that things are looking up for you.

  5. I echo the sentiments of the other posters here. Glad to hear things are progressing well! Hope you’re healed in no time.

    Take care,


  6. So so happy to hear this good news! I have been thinking about you and this is wonderful news. Wishing you the best in healing and building up your health again after all of this treatment.

    Lovely flower photo~

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